Katelyn + Miko : Malibu Adventure Session

“For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.” – Andrew McMahon

Last month we took our last destination wedding trip out of state to California and had some time to spare during our last couple of days in this beautiful state, so we travelled along the coastline of Malibu, where we stopped at the cutest little beach called Leo Carillo State Park and planned to meet up with a couple who reached out to us via Facebook to do a session while we were in the area. We had no idea how much fun we were about to have with these two.

Katelyn and Miko showed up right after us and immediately we ventured out to explore the beaches and the cliff, all while watching the waves come crashing in. We laughed as they would dodge the incoming waves, and at one point while heading back to the main beach, we got caught in a monster wave that came roaring to us. So happy Katelyn and Miko are such good sports and laughed it off, because we got completely soaked. haha We kept walking the coastline for a bit and stumbled on an awesome cave so we spent some time there drying off and sharing more stories and laughing our butt off.

These two are so right for each other. Katelyn and Miko love making each other laugh and make sure to make light of any situation, which we feel is such a great quality. They compliment each other so well and truly love each other to the core. It was so awesome hanging with these two! We got home the following day so eager to go through the images, and found out they had gotten engaged just two days after this session! Congratulations guys! We wish y’all the best!

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