Anne and Sasha

“We were slow dancing to the silent music that always played between us.” – JmStorm

What a wedding day this was. We occasionally travel out of state to photograph weddings, and what an honor when we can do so. Anne and Sasha, Chicago natives, decided they wanted to get married in one of the coolest cities out there: LA. And it could not have been a more beautiful day for a wedding.

These two beautiful souls flew across the country with family and friends in tow to celebrate in one of the most beautiful venues overlooking the city and coastline. La Venta Inn, nestled cozily in the hills of Palos Verdes, is glittered with with colorful flora and has a steady cool ocean breeze that blows through the structure so gently. The doors were wide open all day and the windows were lifted so you could feel the cool pacific air everywhere you walked.

Anne and Sasha arrived at La Venta Inn that afternoon and began getting ready in their respective rooms, each surrounded by close family and friends. When it came time for the ceremony, friends and family took turns singing and playing music as the bridal party walked down the aisle to the lookout point that overlooked the city glowing in the late afternoon sun. After exchanging vows and officially getting married, the newlyweds walked off for a few fun photos of just the two of them, which is essential and a vital key part to any wedding day. While photographing Anne and Sasha, we had the chance to watch the evening sun paint the sky in pastel colors. Colors that make you just stop and take it all in.

Anne and Sasha had a beautiful choreographed dance, since Anne is an incredible dance teacher back in Chicago, and yet another surprise awaited them. Her students had flown in as well, and they performed a surprise dance they put together for Anne. After sharing a beautiful evening dinner with friends and family, everyone hit the dance floor and immediately started cutting a rug and getting down. What an amazing day to be a part of. Anne and Sasha, y’all have a crazy love, the best kind of love there is. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having us there to celebrate such an amazing bond between you two. Don’t ever let go of that awesome love you have for each other, and never stop dancing to the music between you.

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