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Engagement Session in the rain: Kaitlin and Jordan

Jul 13, 2020

“I fell for you, like raindrops.” -pavana

Kaitlin and Jordan, there’s so much good that can be said about these two. It’s incredibly refreshing to meet people who are laid back in every sense of the word, and focus on each other completely. Kaitlin and Jordan drove to New Iberia for their engagement session at Rip Van Winkle Gardens but storm clouds were looming all around us the entire afternoon. We left the choice up to them whether or not to proceed and they decided to go for it, or in Kaitlin’s words, “We’ll roll the dice!” We’re glad they did.

Although it sprinkled on us here and there, these two showed us what wa most important: just being present. There’s nothing worse than worrying about all the things going on around you when you’ve got such a beautiful thing right in front of you, and they knew that. Kaitlin and Jordan knew to just take a chance and we ended up having such a fantastic time. We laughed so much, our cheeks hurt. These two are the bees knees. Take a lesson from them. Take a chance. Dance in the rain. Run barefoot in the grass. We’ve got so much to be grateful for if we can all just be present.

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Engagement Session in the rain

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