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Allison and Pete Engaged

Sep 11, 2020

“You are everything my heart dreams of.” – J. Lynn

Allison initially reached out to us over the summer to document their engagement session on their family property out in Crowley, LA and we immediately we’re thrilled at the prospect of meeting another fun loving and adventurous couple.

We drove up to Pete’s family home and were immediately greeted with the warmest smiles and kind words, we knew we were so welcomed. After chatting for a bit and getting to know Allison and Pete, we went out to scout the property and right away fell in love with all the options we found. We started out on the edge of the property, a heavily wooded area where Pete and Allison regularly take walks after the quarantine began at the beginning of the year. Their pups joined us on our little adventure and followed us from location to location. We got to hear of their story of how they met and came to be together, as we explored the family’s tree farm. We hung out under the willow trees and goofed off a little in between various spots, because why not? These two are just two peas in a pod.

After a quick outfit change, they showed us the massive and beautiful zinnias they planted and all the gorgeous gardening they had worked on (take that, 2020), and danced in the sunlight to their wedding band of choice, The California Honeydrops.

Walking over to Pete’s tree, a tree planted by his parents when he was born, the sky behind us quickly grew to look ominous, and we could rapidly feel the temperature drop and wind gaining speed. One of our favorite bits of weather to shoot in is this. When there is so much uncertainty and chance, there is a thrill about taking every second you have and running with it, and Allison and Pete were up for the adventure right alongside us. We hopped on their Kubota and drove back to their tree farm, where they ripped their shoes off (as per Pete’s request) and ran and danced and let the worries we have all felt so familiarly this year behind them and embraced the unexpected. We were gifted a sunset we won’t soon forget and stayed out until the drizzle of rain became a downpour. We were soaking wet, but laughed together, knowing the chance we took was worth very second. What a phenomenal experience with two wonderful people. Thank you both and your family for your hospitality, your kindness and carefree outlook on life. It was refreshing and rewarding.

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