Thanks for stoping by! We are Erin and Geoffrey, a husband-wife South Louisiana based wedding photographer team. We have been shooting weddings together around 10 years now.  We drink coffee like it’s our lifeline! We love Netflix and our hand-in-hand walks to the park. Erin is a musician of sorts and wannabe furniture builder and Geoffrey enjoys learning how things work and pulling out the old film cameras. We love relaxing on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean or hiking up a mountain some place cold. We are adventure seekers. Our life consists of awkward jokes, daydreams,  and evening walks with our pup. We love life.

 Over the years we have been able to shoot weddings and portrait sessions all over the country! We even had some amazing opportunities to teach other photographers by speaking at workshops, one on one mentoring and by speaking at huge conferences. But as our lives and business evolved we realized that the thing we enjoy the most is the connections we are making with the people in our own area. Shooting a wedding occasionally out of state makes our hearts so happy but truly there is no place like home. We love our state and we are here to stay.

 We are storytellers.

 Our heart is in shooting weddings, meeting new people and having the privilege of telling new stories! Whether your story is high in the mountains, on a beautiful beach, in a ballroom or your own back yard, it is YOUR story and we would be more than honored to tell it through photographs.

If you feel like we’d be a great match, send us an email. Let’s be friends. We’d love to chat with you about love, life and your wedding! 


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A few places Our work has been featured:

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Snaps of our life together

"We were together. I forget the rest." -Walt Whitman 



Museums and all things old

Mexican Food!

Rock Climing

Gizmo and Ollie!

Random Things I love!

I was born and raised in Lafayette, LA and grew to love this wonderful place more everyday. I'd like to think I know how to grow a beautiful garden, but I'd be lying. Black thumb right here. I enjoy traveling to new places and experiencing cultures and food for the very first time.

Eating take out Thai food with my boo while watching TV late into the night while snuggling with my furbabies is my jam, and I'm a die hard coffee fan. Gimme all the caffeine.

I've been married to my love for 10 years now and it's been the best 10 years of my life. Marriage is crazy awesome, and I just love celebrating with each of our couples at their very own wedding.

Hiking with My girl!

Chipotle is my jam!

Nothing better!

Any Beach any where!

Trips to Europe!

Film Cammeras!

Random Things I love!

 I grew up in central Lousiana. But moved to Lafayette when I married Erin. I love this town more than I every thought I would! 
 If your looking for a photographer that loves weddings then you have found us! I've been known to secretly tear up at wedding ceremonies. I love what we do and the new friends we make along the way! 

 When Erin and I are not shooting or editing I spend a lot of my time in the gym playing racquet ball or running the track.

 My favorite time is the time Erin and I spend together just in our every day routeen. Late night dinners and Netflix has become a way of life for us lately and I love every minute!

Behind the Scenes

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