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Big Sur Engagement | Thad and Caitlin

“Go with me. Somewhere.”

There was a lot of talk as to when and where Caitlin and Thad would take their engagements. We tossed around so many ideas… Their new home, the Redwoods in Northern California this past spring, right at home in Louisiana… But none of them felt “right”. If you know Caitlin or Thad, you know their pure excitement comes from seeing and being in new places. Ours does too. It’s thrilling being somewhere you’ve never been before, somewhere you could get lost, or wander, and it all be okay. A place that both makes you feel at home, yet demands the need to be brave because it is the unknown. We talked about it more and more, and as time went on, we all agreed their engagement location should be a place none of us had ever been. So it was decided on.

We would go to Big Sur.

We flew early in the morning hours to San Fransisco, California just a few days before their wedding in Yosemite and once we landed we regrouped and caravanned out to this magical place. It was previously such a mystery to us, only seeing photos of it here and there online, but once we saw it… Once we were there… We saw the appeal. We felt it. We made it as the sun was on it’s way to hide behind the horizon, but just in time to feel the warm glow of the rays bounce off the Icy Pacific and hit our faces as the cool, crisp air blew by. It was invigorating. We managed to watch the sun set on McWay Falls, one of the most paradisiac places any of us have ever seen on the west coast. Because we wanted the full experience of this place, we decided to wake up at sunrise the next morning and venture back out and wander. We watched Caitlin and Thad in their element, doing what they love most. It was such an incredible experience to see this place with these people. It will always be such a magnificently special place to us all.

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