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Yosemite | Caitlin + Thad Wedding

Oct 6, 2016

“To the ends of the earth would you follow me?”

Adventure is out there, just waiting for us. It is there when we cross the threshold of our front door and continues to be present as we continue to wander. We are firm believers that there is much of this beautiful earth to see, and it warms our hearts knowing others share the same sentiment.

Caitlin and Thad approached us months back about going on this wild experience with them to Yosemite, and it was no question that we would be on board for something of this nature. Traveling to this grand place was merely a bonus. The real treat would be documenting something so rare and special between these two human beings, something others should most certainly imitate.

After we flew into San Fransisco just days before the wedding, it was time to hit the road to Yosemite, so on with the road trip we went. Our eyes beamed as we saw new foreign sites. We finally made it to Yosemite, where we would be for the next few days. Family and friends who had flown in from across the country began arriving throughout the day as well.

The next morning, several friends and family members woke up early around 5am and piled into cars to head up to our first group hike to watch the sunrise: Glacier Point. The air was dry and frigid, but no one cared. We were adventuring, together. As we reached the top, we all found a comfy place to nestle into, and eagerly awaited the sunrise, and when it did, it was magnificent. Everything went silent for a little while as the warm sun hit everyones faces, just taking it all in. Waking up at 5am for this was totally worth every second of that magnificent view. After spending some time at Glacier Point, we hopped back in our cars and headed back to our cabins where we planned to catch up on some much needed sleep. We would need it soon for our hike later that same day. By the late afternoon, we all caravanned back out to the top of Yosemite Valley to watch the sun set at Taft Point, and we can honestly say we have never seen a sunset like the one we saw there. The colors were unreal, all of them. It was colors you only dreamed of seeing. It was truly a magnificent sight.

And so the wedding day arrived. We arrived at Caitlin’s cabin where all of her friends and family were setting up for days events. Every bridesmaid made their own bouquet, with their own flair and personality. Family cooked gumbo for the reception while others put together the wedding cake. Everyone came together for Caitlin and Thad and it could not have been more perfect. Caitlin and Thad decided to do a first look before their ceremony, so we hopped in our cars and headed to the redwoods in the Valley. Thad’s reaction to seeing Caitlin was hands down the sweetest thing we have seen. In his words, “She’s so perfect.” After spending some time taking all of it in, we headed back to the cabin and prepared for the ceremony, which was going to be held just down the road in a secluded spot beneath the redwood trees. Friends set up the ceremony spot with chairs from all the cabins and when the time came, everyone headed over there and was ready for the ceremony to begin. We watched two people promise to never stop adventuring together. To always grow together. And it could not have been more perfect. After the most beautiful ceremony and taking some group photos, we all headed back to the cabin, where good food and good times awaited. Everything about this day was perfect through and through.

The next day, we went back out once more to Glacier Point for sunrise and again at sunset to Taft Point, but this time Caitlin and Thad would be dressed in their wedding attire. As photographers themselves, they both felt photos of the two of them are extremely important, so they opted to do a day after session. We could high five them for putting so much importance on that.

Whether your adventure is close to home, or one you must travel across the country for, live it. And live it well.

Caitlin and Thad, we are at a loss for words to begin thanking you both for taking us along on such a grand and memorable adventure. The few days we spent with you two, watching and taking not of how much you value each other and making your dreams a reality,are both admirable and reassuring that a love like yours still exists. One that we are proud to share with the rest of the world.

Day One: The Long Drive

big_sur_engagement_session_destination_wedding_photographer_0075 big_sur_engagement_session_destination_wedding_photographer_0076 big_sur_engagement_session_destination_wedding_photographer_0078big_sur_engagement_session_destination_wedding_photographer_0077 big_sur_engagement_session_destination_wedding_photographer_0079 big_sur_engagement_session_destination_wedding_photographer_0085 big_sur_engagement_session_destination_wedding_photographer_0086 big_sur_engagement_session_destination_wedding_photographer_0087 big_sur_engagement_session_destination_wedding_photographer_0088 big_sur_engagement_session_destination_wedding_photographer_0090
Day Two: The Two Hikes


yosemite_hike_0096yosemite_hike_0095 yosemite_hike_0097 yosemite_hike_0099 yosemite_hike_0100 yosemite_hike_0101 yosemite_hike_0103 yosemite_hike_0104 yosemite_hike_0106 yosemite_hike_0107 yosemite_hike_0108

PMyosemite_hike_0111 yosemite_hike_0113 yosemite_hike_0114 yosemite_hike_0115 yosemite_hike_0118 yosemite_hike_0119 yosemite_hike_0120 yosemite_hike_0122 yosemite_hike_0123 yosemite_hike_0125yosemite_hike_0126

Day 3: The Wedding

portrait_session_at_yosemite_0246yosemite_hike_0127portrait_session_at_yosemite_0247portrait_session_at_yosemite_0248 yosemite_hike_0128yosemite_wedding_0053 yosemite_wedding_0000 yosemite_wedding_0001 yosemite_wedding_0002 yosemite_wedding_0003 yosemite_wedding_0005 yosemite_wedding_0008 yosemite_wedding_0009 yosemite_wedding_0011 yosemite_wedding_0012yosemite_wedding_0007 yosemite_wedding_0015 yosemite_wedding_0018 yosemite_wedding_0019 yosemite_wedding_0021 yosemite_wedding_0023 yosemite_wedding_0025yosemite_wedding_0028 yosemite_wedding_0026 yosemite_wedding_0029 yosemite_wedding_0030yosemite_wedding_0006 yosemite_wedding_0031 yosemite_wedding_0032 yosemite_wedding_0035 yosemite_wedding_0036 yosemite_wedding_0038 yosemite_wedding_0039 yosemite_wedding_0042 yosemite_wedding_0043 yosemite_wedding_0045 yosemite_wedding_0046 yosemite_wedding_0049 yosemite_wedding_0051 yosemite_wedding_0052 yosemite_wedding_0054 yosemite_wedding_0055 yosemite_wedding_0056 yosemite_wedding_0057 yosemite_wedding_0058 yosemite_wedding_0061 yosemite_wedding_0062 yosemite_wedding_0063 yosemite_wedding_0065 yosemite_wedding_0066 yosemite_wedding_0067 yosemite_wedding_0068 yosemite_wedding_0069 yosemite_wedding_0071 yosemite_wedding_0072 yosemite_wedding_0073 yosemite_wedding_0074 yosemite_wedding_0076 yosemite_wedding_0077 yosemite_wedding_0078 yosemite_wedding_0084 yosemite_wedding_0085yosemite_wedding_0094 yosemite_wedding_0087 yosemite_wedding_0089 yosemite_wedding_0090 yosemite_wedding_0091 yosemite_wedding_0092 yosemite_wedding_0093yosemite_wedding_0096 yosemite_wedding_0095 yosemite_wedding_0097 yosemite_wedding_0100 yosemite_wedding_0103 yosemite_wedding_0108 yosemite_wedding_0111 yosemite_wedding_0116yosemite_wedding_0127 yosemite_wedding_0117 yosemite_wedding_0118 yosemite_hike_0129 yosemite_wedding_0120 yosemite_wedding_0123 yosemite_hike_0130 yosemite_wedding_0129yosemite_wedding_0128yosemite_wedding_0244yosemite_wedding_0130 yosemite_wedding_0131 yosemite_wedding_0132 yosemite_wedding_0135 yosemite_wedding_0136 yosemite_wedding_0140 yosemite_wedding_0142 yosemite_wedding_0143 yosemite_wedding_0147 yosemite_wedding_0148 yosemite_wedding_0150 yosemite_wedding_0151 yosemite_wedding_0152 yosemite_wedding_0154 yosemite_wedding_0155 yosemite_wedding_0156 yosemite_wedding_0157 yosemite_wedding_0159 yosemite_wedding_0160 yosemite_wedding_0161 yosemite_wedding_0162 yosemite_wedding_0163 yosemite_wedding_0165 yosemite_wedding_0166 yosemite_wedding_0168 yosemite_wedding_0171 yosemite_wedding_0174 yosemite_wedding_0175 yosemite_wedding_0176 yosemite_wedding_0137 yosemite_wedding_0138yosemite_wedding_0139 yosemite_wedding_0177 yosemite_wedding_0184 yosemite_wedding_0187 yosemite_wedding_0188yosemite_wedding_0203 yosemite_wedding_0204yosemite_wedding_0190 yosemite_wedding_0189 yosemite_wedding_0193 yosemite_wedding_0194 yosemite_wedding_0195 yosemite_wedding_0200 yosemite_wedding_0201 yosemite_wedding_0209yosemite_wedding_0207 yosemite_wedding_0208 yosemite_wedding_0226 yosemite_wedding_0213 yosemite_wedding_0216 yosemite_wedding_0219 yosemite_wedding_0222 yosemite_wedding_0224 yosemite_wedding_0225 yosemite_wedding_0227 yosemite_wedding_0229 yosemite_wedding_0230 yosemite_wedding_0232 yosemite_wedding_0236 yosemite_wedding_0237 yosemite_wedding_0238yosemite_wedding_0220

Day Four: The Day After Session

portrait_session_at_yosemite_0250 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0251 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0253 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0255 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0256 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0257portrait_session_at_yosemite_0249 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0258 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0261 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0263 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0264 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0265 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0270 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0271portrait_session_at_yosemite_0278 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0277 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0279 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0283 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0284 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0285 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0286 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0288 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0290 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0293 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0295 portrait_session_at_yosemite_0296portrait_session_at_yosemite_0294sunset_session_at_yosemite_0301 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0303 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0304 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0307 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0312 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0313 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0315 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0316 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0317 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0318 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0320 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0324 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0325 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0326 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0327 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0329 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0330 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0333 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0335 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0336 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0337 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0338 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0339 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0340 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0341 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0343 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0344 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0345 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0346 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0297 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0298 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0350 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0351 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0352 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0354 sunset_session_at_yosemite_0355

comments +

  1. Polly Aaron says:

    The two of you are so special. May God bless you with many years of happiness and special moments together.
    Live your life to the fullest.
    Love you both

  2. Melanie Messina says:

    Absolutely breathtaking! As always.

  3. Drake says:


  4. Wow! What an incredible wedding. Beautifully captured.

  5. Lauren Dorr says:

    Where was this venue in yosemite? Was it the redwoods in yosemite (wawona)? I am curious where the cabins were located!

    So stunning 🙂

  6. Kevin says:

    Dear Caitlin and Thad,

    Breath taking photos of you on your special day back on October 6, 2016. Trust life is going well for you both.

    Blessings from Vancouver, BC, Canada


  7. Shae says:

    Hi there. Beautiful photos; I’m curious to know the name of the cabins/ where they’re located. Thanks in advance!

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