Rosemary and Scott

“Sometimes the best moments are the ones you didn’t plan at all.”

As we drove into Jungle Gardens, it became increasingly cloudy, but we decided to just go with it. So we hopped out of our car and started walking, admiring the gorgeous scenery as we went. And then, it began to rain. Let us rephrase that. It poured. Not 5 minutes into the session, there was an immediate downpour so we were all huddled under a small tree, attempting to stay dry. We just laughed. There was only one option left: make the best of this situation, so we did. We ran back covering our heads with whatever we had on us, smiling and taking in the sights and smell of the fresh rain. It was perfect. Rosie and Scott embraced it, when most would probably panic. Which is why they are so awesome.

The rain lasted for only 20 minutes or so, so we headed over to a family friend’s home who lives in Avery Island, where we cleaned up and ventured out again to explore the area. There’s something special about the sun coming out and shining on freshly watered trees. Everything just glows. We embraced this romantic lighting and had such a wonderful time with these two. We seriously cannot wait for their wedding later this year.

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