Rosedown Plantation Wedding Kayla and John


Rosedown Plantation Wedding: Kayla and John


“Wherever you are, be all there.” – Jim Elliot

We get to meet some pretty incredible people and are privileged to tell their stories. This wedding was nothing short of that. Kayla and Jon are two incredible people, and it was such a privilege to be present there and to tell their beautiful story through our images.

Kayla and Jon’s wedding day took place at the Rosedown Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana and the weather could not have been more perfect that day. They both got ready separately and we spent time exploring the grounds and getting to know these two and their sweet families. Kayla and Jon later that afternoon did a first look and it was the sweetest thing to witness. These two are so incredibly in love and their devotion to each other is something to admire.

After spending time with them both, we learned that Jon is courageously battling an illness currently, and is by far one of the most positive, brave and inspiring people we’ve had the privilege to meet. Both Jon and Kayla put the utmost importance on portraits of the two of them, spending almost an hour taking pictures together before the wedding and again after the ceremony as the sun went down. We cannot stress enough how important portraits are on a wedding day. With the one you love, with family, with friends… Our legacy is one of the most precious gems we possess and we remember it by documenting those moments in time, freezing them so we can go back as often as we can to remember how life really was when those moments happened. Kayla and Jon completely understood the importance of photographs and what they truly stand for, and we hope they can serve as an example to others to set aside a proper amount of time for portraits on a wedding day. They are our heirlooms for generations to come.

People can move you to be better, and Kayla and Jon made us see how important our loved ones truly are to us. It was such a privilege to meet you both and tell your story through our medium. You reminded us to never take our time with others for granted. We wish you both the absolute best in your future adventures together. You two are bound for incredible things.

Rosedown Plantation Wedding Rosedown Plantation Wedding

Rosedown Plantation Wedding Rosedown Plantation Wedding Rosedown Plantation Wedding Rosedown Plantation Wedding


Rosedown Plantation Wedding Kayla and John by Erin and Geoffrey



Rosedown Plantation Wedding

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