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Printing Your Wedding Images

Jan 28, 2020

If you’re wondering about it, we can’t stress enough the importance of printing your wedding images! 

Now that the wedding is done and you’ve had some time to decompress and bask in the afterglow of your epic day while looking through your images, you are probably wondering what to do with them. Prints? An Artisan Album? Perhaps one or two large professional canvas prints to hang in your living room or bedroom?

We recommend all of the above! Printing your wedding images is part of your wedding experience and it nicely ties up all the work you put into your wedding and allows you to relive all the feels every time you see your photos. 

Here are some compelling reasons for printing your wedding images that you may not have thought of yet:

Your wedding was EPIC, but memories fade over time. Prints help to remind you!

Let’s face it, your wedding day was most likely one of the best days of your life so far! Filled with excitement, emotion, laughter, and some big, fat, happy crocodile tears. Your photos are a real-time reflection of all of it and, if you leave them on your hard drive or in an online gallery, you aren’t going to be regularly reminded of how amazing your day was. Printing your images allows you to glance at them as you walk around your house, or flip through them while you drink your morning coffee. If you print your faves, they are guaranteed to make you smile and fill your heart with happiness whenever you see them.

As an added bonus, marriage is hard work and everybody has tough times and ups and downs—having prints, albums, and canvases around helps. Why? Because having visual cues of a time in your relationship when you were happy and madly in love and ready to face the world together takes you back to your why and reminds you of why you chose to commit to each other and love each other through all the good and bad times. 

Giant canvas print of a man whispering in his fiancee's ear as she laughs big and loudly hanging on a bedroom wall

Your wedding images are art, created by an artist, SHOW THEM OFF!

You hired your wedding photographer because you loved their style and artistic vision, right! You loved the way they composed their photos to capture the realness and rawness of love and you trusted that they would do the same for yours. And they did! It just makes sense that if you commission an artist to capture you beautifully, you hang that art on your walls! You display it in a fine art album! You enjoy the result of the money you put into them and the results they produced. 

Professional-quality printed images make excellent gifts!

This one is simple—gifting printed images to your family (especially your parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles) and friends is easy and lasts forever. These days, professional printers (available through your photographer) create prints with the highest quality, archival ink and paper and these prints are guaranteed to last at least a lifetime when properly cared for. Many of your wedding guests will not have access to your online photos and it is really nice to be able to give them a few of your favorite photos from your wedding day that will remind them of how much fun they had.

Digital Images can be lost. True story.

Many couples share their photos on social media and then do nothing else with them and this is another reason printing your wedding images is so important. Even if you backup your photos to a USB or on a harddrive, technology is not infallible and things happen—images get lost or corrupted all the time. Unfortunately, many couples who lose their images cannot recover them through the photographer because even though most photographers will keep your images for a set amount of time, they eventually purge them from their hard drives and backups. If you order an album or prints, you’ll always have a set that should last forever if cared for properly. 

Whether you want to relive your wedding day every time you walk down your hallway and sit down at your coffee table or show off your wedding day art or gift people with reminders of your amazing, love-and-laughter filled day, printing your wedding images is always a good idea. 

Large canvas print of a gorgeous bride standing on a desert walkway, surrounding by cacti in the sunshine shining through her cathedral veil. Image by Erin & Geoffrey Photography

If you’re ready to print some images, let’s chat! We have a variety of ways to display your wedding day in style and keep you smiling for years to come.

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