Nottoway Plantation Bridal Session | Elizabeth

We always love getting out of town and getting to go to new places, but there’s something about Nottoway Plantation that just makes you want to go back.

When Elizabeth mentioned to us months ago that Nottoway was where she had her heart set to take her bridals, we were over the moon. This place is just absolutely stunning, every room a different feel and color. Elizabeth showed up in quite possibly one of the most beautiful dresses we’ve seen, and we had so much fun hopping from room to room, taking photos and having a wonderful time. We’ve been dying to share these photos from her bridal session at Nottoway Plantation, so below are a few of our personal favorites.

Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0000 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0001Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0004 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0002 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0003 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0005 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0006 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0007 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0008 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0009 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0010 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0011 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0012 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0014 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0015 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0016 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0017 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0020 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0021 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0022 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0023 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0024 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0025 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0027 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0028 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0029 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0033 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0035 Nottoway_Plantation_Wedding_0036

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