Rip Van Winkle Gardens Bridal Session : Holly

“Beauty is a light in the heart.”

We meet a lot of people in this big world we live in. People who come and go in different ways and places, leaving varying impressions on us. And then we meet people, like Holly. A girl who only brings light wherever she goes, whoever she greets. It’s people like Holly who move us to be better, at life and at work in ourselves. She is a kind and wholehearted soul, leaving a lasting impression on anyone she meets.

Back in May, our assistant Elizabeth and I ventured out to Rip Van Winkle Gardens to meet Holly for her bridal session, and we literally could not have asked for better weather and a more beautiful scenery. Everything was in bloom, only adding to Holly’s beauty.

We have been itching to share these images since the spring, so we are thrilled to be able to show these off.

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