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Michelle and Ian

Dec 14, 2020

“What’s meant to be will always find a way.”

We loved everything about this day. It was crisp, breezy and overcast. So much went into making this intimate wedding so perfect and it was that through and through.

Michelle and her closest friends and family got ready at the Mouton Plantation home in Lafayette, LA (if you haven’t been, go! It’s gorgeous!). We spent time walking around the grounds, documenting small details and moments as Michelle read her letter from Ian and put together her final touches to her wedding day look. We spent some time doing a small portrait session with her around the home and it’s clear how lovely of an inidvidual she is, through and through.

We then drove over to Ian’s family home, the Nehrbass home in north Lafayette, where the sweetest first look, portrait session and most beautiful intimate ceremony would take place. Ian was so excited to see her for the first time and was blown away at her beauty. It was time for the ceremony to begin, which was held on the bridge that lead to the home in the wooded swamp, and family and close friends lined the bridge, watching Michelle and Ian vow to spend forever together. It was stunning. It was beautiful. It was perfect. So much joy radiated on this little red bridge, it was infectious. This year has been such a rollercoaster, not a soul hasn’t been touched by the chaos. But it was in this moment, when Michelle and Ian turned to their family and friends with the purest of smiles on their faces, that we all knew normalcy could be achieved. Circumstances may change, plans may alter, but nothing is out of the realm of possibilities. Michelle and Ian faced the change with grace and confidence, and there are photos to prove that small weddings can bring forth such monumental things.

After a small cocktail hour on the banks of the swamp, it was time to catch the bus and head out to Michelle’s family home where an outdoor reception took place and friends and family gathered to celebrate this special day through the night, under the stars. Thank you for having us, Michelle and Ian. It’s a day we won’t soon forget either.

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