Maison De Tours Wedding: Derrian and Jacob

Maison De Tours wedding anyone? Yes, please!

We always love it when we get a chance to shoot at this unique and historic wedding site in Acadiana. It was built back in 1885 but it’s been restored to its original splendor. Chock full of character, textures, and features such as brick, plaster, marble and wrought iron mixed in with lush greenery and open courtyards.

Maison De Tours is one of our absolute favorite places to shoot weddings and it’s, literally, the perfect venue to shoot in, especially with a dream couple like Derrian and Jacob!

We had an absolute blast shooting Derrian and Jacob’s wedding there! They were so fun and carefree, such a joy to work with, and the entire day was filled with belly laughs, big heartfelt hugs, happy tears and an overall feeling of pure joy. It always blows us away how—even though we should be exhausted after a long day of shooting—the feels of a wedding day sometimes seep into our bones and leave us practically prancing out of the venue at the end of the night.

And what a night it was! Perfect, gorgeous weather in the courtyard and a bubbly crowd of Derrian and Jacob’s nearest and dearest laughing and smiling through the eats and rocking it out to the beats. Their reception hosted a huge crowd of happy, lively people who weren’t afraid to get down with their bad selves, let loose, and have some serious fun celebrating this rad couple! And the kids were a laugh riot, dancing up a storm with no inhibitions, in true kiddo fashion! It was a night to remember!

We were sad to see this one end and we can’t wait to shoot another wedding there soon!

Venue: Maison De Tours in Saint Martinville

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