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Erin & Geoffrey Explore Europe: Travel Photos

Mar 4, 2020

When we’re not busy photographing and editing, we love to travel! Although the photo-taking never really stops, and actually it’s probably one of the reasons why we love visiting beautiful places around the world. We were so excited to explore Europe and check a few new destinations off our bucket list in 2019 – and the sights definitely did not disappoint!

Paris, France

It was our first time in Paris, so our level of excitement was through the roof when we arrived. We took a short stop in Paris on our way to the Netherlands this past August, but even though we only had a couple of days to explore, we soaked up every minute of it.

As soon as we dropped off our bags, we ran to the streets and just started walking – wandering through the many alleys, shops, cafes and restaurants throughout the day.

Montmartre was our absolute favorite little spot. Vincent Van Gogh holds a special place in our heart, so knowing we were walking through the same streets as he did was like stepping back in time. We can’t wait to go back again soon!

Paris and Scotland 2019 from Geoffrey on Vimeo.

London, England

London was another quick stop for us as we made our way to Scotland, but our time in this city was unforgettable.

We stayed at Leman Locke which was a short walk away from the River Thames, making it so easy to see what this historic city has to offer. We woke up early, hit the streets and wandered around town soaking up __ sights like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye and Tower Bridge.

Fort Augustus & Portree, Scotland

It’s rare you visit a place you just immediately connect with – like you belong there. Scotland was such a place to us.

Filled with rolling hills and mountains – or glens as the locals call it – Scotland boasts green as far as the eye can see (which just happens to be our favorite color, so you know we were in heaven).

After taking a train from London and arriving in Glasgow, we grabbed our rental car and drove up to Fort Augustus where we stayed for the night. The sights on the drive were absolutely breathtaking! We passed through beautiful Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands, saw Loch Ness, and ate at various pubs along the way.

After staying the night in Fort Augustus, we drove up to Portree where the hike of a lifetime awaited us at Old Man of Storr. We passed highland cows and sheep wherever we went. The wind was gusty at times, but watching as the wind blew the clouds through the mountains was breathtaking. The hike itself was tough, but worth the views we were about to lay our eyes on. We definitely recommend visiting this beautiful region!

Amsterdam & Utrecht, Netherlands

We always knew the Netherlands was beautiful, but seeing it in person was so much fun. We stayed mainly in Utrecht while visiting friends there, and the city was so clean, beautiful and colorful.

Everyone was friendly and we ate and drank on the Oudegracht aan de Werf nearly every day. Watching windmills and snacking on fresh cheese became part of our daily life.

This trip was one of the highlights of our summer and we can’t wait to explore Europe again soon! If you have any must-see destinations, let us know and we will try to include them in our travel plans.

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