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Degas House Wedding: Sam and Jess

Jan 20, 2020

Degas House in New Orleans was awarded “Best of Weddings” by The Knot from 2013 – 2018 and the title is so well deserved! The house once belonged to the French painter, Edgar Degas and this VIP wedding venue is, simply magical. It has a Victorian-type vibe, with a nice cross between Second Empire and Italiante themes. Degas House, with its simple rectangular base, low roof and wide eaves, is decorated to perfection with ornate millwork on its exterior and a beautiful French Quarter-style courtyard. The inside of Degas House is furnished with rich textures and moody colours, but lit beautifully with ample windows. Degas House is an amazing wedding venue in New Orleans and the layout allows for an intimate, yet bright and welcoming atmosphere, which was a perfect complement to Sam and Jess who are also so bright and welcoming!

Jess and Sam are completely in sync and attentive to each other and were the epitome of southern hospitality—Sam a gentleman and Jess so cordial and kind. Love literally poured out of them all day—in the looks they stole at each other during the ceremony, in the big, happy, belly laughs and tears of joy they (and their guests) shed during their vows. The joy they felt at giving their lives and love to each other was palpable, and so was their excitement!

Jess and Sam both got ready at the Degas House, sharing their First Look in the back garden under a perfect cloudy sky and a group of their misty-eyed loved ones who were secretly watching from a balcony above them! The moment was emotional and radiated happiness, but once their friends and family started cheering, it boosted the level of their enthusiasm even more and they were even more pumped to walk down the aisle.

Of course, you know how much we LOVE Second Lines at weddings, so we loved it when Sam and Jess were escorted from their ceremony by the band [INSERT BAND NAME AND LINK]. Second Lines are such a fantastic way to get the wedding party and guests into an upbeat mood that leaves them ready to have a good time and loosen up at the reception…and loosen up, they did! The speeches were heartfelt and hilarious, the dance party was EPIC, and Sam and Jess’s grand exit through the courtyard into a vintage, white Rolls Royce was such a rad ending to a really fun and meaningful day!

From beginning to end—with all the laughter, tears, fancy dance moves, and big, mad, love—Sam and Jess’s wedding was pretty darn unforgettable.

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