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Choosing Engagement Session Outfits

Feb 5, 2020

Is it time to head out to meet your photographer and you’re still running around the house, freaking out about what engagement session outfits to wear? It’s okay, kids! We’ve got you covered with these easy tips for choosing Engagement Session Outfits! 

Engagement Session Outfits: Choose comfort over cool.

What now? I know, it seems kind of counterintuitive to choose engagement session outfits that aren’t totally chic and magazine-worthy, but trust us—if you aren’t comfortable in the clothes, you won’t be comfortable in front of the camera and it will come through in every image. So choose something that you feel comfortable in (even if it’s a Mumu and sneakers) so you don’t appear to be suffering from an atomic wedgie in every photo (😬). 

Engagement Session Outfits: Think Dirty Boots & Messy Hair

Yes, this is not only a “thing”, but it’s also an excellent way to plan your Engagement Session Outfits. Once again, it urges you to curate something comfortable, yet classy—something that makes you feel confident and stylish, but won’t stop you from having fun or getting a little dirty or messy in, and will still show the world you are YOU in every way. For some rad Engagement Session Outfit inspo, check out these Dirty Boots & Messy Hair Images

Engagement Session Outfits: Coordinate, don’t match.

Nothing says “welcome to our 80’s photoshoot” like matching colors or patterns in your Engagement Session Outfits. Feel free to coordinate your color schemes so they complement each other, but stay away from wearing matching outfits. Even if you’re planning to wear T’s, jeans, and flip flops, make sure you have different colored shirts on and your jeans aren’t the same shade of blue. 

Engagement Session Outfits: Stay away from crazy patterns.

Do you have a multi-colored, patterned blouse that you absolutely love and wear out on every special occasion? That’s great! Really great…but not great for photos! When choosing your Engagement Session Outfits, try to keep it to solids and subdued patterns—otherwise the model-worthy, stunning images you’re expecting will be lost to a show-stealing garment! Or, alternatively, if you really love your patterns too much to leave them out, make sure your partner is wearing solid colors that complement the colors of your outfit. That will provide a nicely muted contrast to your wild and crazy!

Engagement Session Outfits: Incorporate your wedding colors.

If you plan to use your engagement images as invitations for your wedding, try incorporating some of your wedding colors into your Engagement Session Outfits. This can be something as simple as a bracelet or pair of socks and it can really add some pizzaz to your invites.

Engagement Session Outfits: Bring more than one outfit.

Even though you’ll be moving around and shooting in different locations, it’s a good idea to add in a few ensembles to your Engagement Session Outfits—especially if you want one outfit that is super casual and one that is a bit more formal or elegant. Plus, depending on the time of year, your outfit choices may either clash too harshly or blend in too well to the backgrounds, so having choices is a must.

Whatever you choose to wear to your engagement session, remember to choose engagement session outfits that are totally you and show off your unique personalities and styles. Add in accessories if you are used to wearing them and don’t be afraid to bring a prop or two if it’s something that has meaning (either funny or sentimental) to you. Wearing clothes that make you feel gorgeous, confident, and relaxed is the key to getting the best images you can, so choose wisely! 

If you’re still stuck on ideas and we have an upcoming engagement session, drop us a line and let’s chat. We’d love to help you figure out what will help you look and feel your best!

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