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Are Photos Really Enough For Your Wedding Memories?

Sep 11, 2023

Why Photos Alone May Not Be Enough for Your Wedding Memories

Weddings are among the most significant moments in a person’s life, and most couples want to capture this monumental day to relive it for years to come. Typically, hiring a skilled photographer is a given. But with the surge in technology and the rise of social media, wedding videography has become just as essential. We put together a short list on why we feel that way:

Photos Alone May Not Be Enough In Today’s World In our tech-savvy society, videos have woven themselves into the fabric of our daily lives. We consume videos daily, from scrolling through TikTok and Instagram Reels to watching YouTube vlogs and tutorials. There’s no denying that video content holds a unique and strong appeal to our emotions.

Think forward a few years, perhaps decades. Imagine celebrating a milestone anniversary and having only photos to look back on. While we are confident you will LOVE your photos, we are seeing a growing need to include video. Now, consider the alternative: You just celebrated your 5 year anniversary. You just finished looking through your wedding photo album together at your coffee table and now you’re sitting down with your partner about to rewatch your wedding film, pressing play, and being transported back to that very day – hearing the laughter, the music, and the heartfelt vows you both exchanged. You’ll see the subtle gestures, the playful glances, and the teary eyes.

More and more couples are now including videography in their wedding plans. There’s a communal experience in sharing these moments. Without a wedding video, there might come a time when you feel a sense of loss, seeing others relive their wedding day in motion and wishing you had those moments captured for yourself.

A Different Dimension to Memories Photos capture moments, but videos capture experiences. With a video, you get to relive the entirety of your wedding day: the nervous excitement while getting ready, the emotional weight of the ceremony, and the pure joy of the reception. While a photo can show the tears in your partner’s eyes, a video lets you hear the crack in their voice that caused them.

Remember, many moments of the wedding happen in motion, and sometimes, these can’t be entirely captured by a still frame. The way your dress flows as you twirl on the dance floor, the gentle sway of decorations in the evening breeze, or even the fun-filled chaos of everyone getting down to your favorite song. Video brings a dynamic touch to these memories.

The Modern Keepsake Today’s wedding videos aren’t the grainy, hour-long footage of the past. Modern wedding videographers produce cinematic masterpieces, often tailor-made to your favorite style of songs. It’s like having your own personal love story movie, starring you and your significant other.

Plus, in the age of social media, short edits or ‘highlight reels’ of your wedding can be shared with friends and family worldwide. It’s not just a keepsake; it’s a shareable piece of content that others can enjoy and celebrate with you.

Meet Genuine Collective Films

After discussing the significant aspects of why videography could be a vital part of your wedding, it would be fitting to introduce you to a team that has been capturing these special moments with an artistic touch for years.

We embarked on this creative journey with a small team back in 2015 and have never looked back. Our growing team has captured love stories all over the world, and we’re currently operating in three prime locations in the U.S.—Lafayette, LA; Upstate NY; and Bend, Oregon.

What sets us apart is our dedication to working in harmony with your chosen wedding photographer. We ensure that we complement their work and never get in their way all the while capturing the fleeting moments and intense emotions that only video can truly encapsulate.

For us, every project is a labor of love, passion, and immense care. So if you want a team that not only captures your wedding but also pours its heart into it, look no further. We’re here to turn your special day into an everlasting story. Check out this video our team at Genuine Collective worked on side by side with us on a destination wedding we both shot in Canada.

While photos offer a timeless snapshot of moments, videos provide an immersive experience. By investing in both, you ensure that no memory, no matter how fleeting, is lost. As you move forward in your wedding planning, consider the invaluable and irreplaceable memories that videography can offer.

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