Wedding Photography and Videography

We are pleased to now offer both wedding photography and wedding videography services to our clients, but we can understand how some couples might wonder how their photographers will be able to capture all the best moments of the day in both stills and video. From our perspective, it seemed a natural transition to go from offering photography to offering videography as well. We like to look at both photography and videography as equally important parts of our creative flow, so we work just as hard at honing our videography skills as we do at taking beautiful photographs of your most memorable wedding-day moments.

And, after shooting weddings for years and working with many videographers at weddings, we noticed that there are simply so many advantages to having one team capture both videography and photography during a wedding. They are already working together, so their creative vision for the day is in sync and this ensures a smooth flow to the day’s events, allowing plenty of time for capturing images and video on both creative platforms. Plus, the video produced at the end is easy to put together with a mixture of moving frames and stills that coincide with the same moments since the team was working side-by-side capturing both simultaneously.

Often when couples hire a photographer and a videographer separately, the two have very different creative visions for how the day should play out and they end up disrupting each other’s creative flow or vying for the couple’s time. This can cause delays and make creative sessions drag out longer than necessary—it can also lead to missed opportunities when the two crews inadvertently step into each other’s shots or when one creative team keeps the couple too long and they end up with less time with the other. Even photographers and videographers who know each other and work the same weddings now and then can still run into these issues and it’s quite frustrating for everybody involved.

So how can you feel confident about your decision to hire one team to do both and trust that they will do a great job of capturing your big day? Easy! Look at their work. Check out their blogs and social media profiles to see what they are capable of. Read their Google Reviews. You’ll be able to see, right away, if they can fit the two together seamlessly and get the job done and if they can get it done in a way you’ll absolutely love.

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