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7 Reasons You Should Get Engagement Photos

Oct 7, 2019

Many couples wonder if an engagement session is essential and, with all the wedding planning, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and overlook the benefits of engagement photos.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, read on for seven reasons we believe couples shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to get engagement photos.

7 Reasons To Get Engagement Photos

1. Get to know Your Wedding Photographer

One of the greatest advantages of choosing to get engagement photos is meeting your wedding photographer and having a chance to build a rapport with them. After spending some time together, your photographer will have a better idea of how you and your love interact with each other and you’ll get a better idea of your photographer’s personality and shooting style. This will help photos flow easily on the day of your wedding and make the experience of wedding photos really enjoyable and fun. It will also help your photographer capture gestures that are unique to each of you and prepare them to catch moments that would otherwise go unnoticed if they hadn’t spent some time with you already.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

Some people find being in front of a camera a little unnerving and this can prolong photos while your photographer works to get you to loosen up in front of the camera or it can result in awkward moments that don’t come across as authentic in photos.

Of course, a skilled and personable photographer will be able to overcome your nerves and bring out the best parts of your personality anyway, but having a professional engagement shoot beforehand allows everybody to work through your nerves before your big day. It will also give you insight into how you will feel on your big day with someone following you around with a camera, making you laugh, and working with you to bring out your personalities and the love you feel for each other in every shot.

3. You Get A Sneak Peak

Despite scrolling through Pinterest and blogs, it can still be hard for some couples to imagine how their own wedding photos will turn out. An engagement session lets you see finished professional photographs of yourself before the wedding, which can help to provide a glimpse into the style of photography that will be used on your big day!

4. Professional Photos For Wedding Preparation

Choosing to have an engagement session will supply you with professional photographs that you can incorporate into anything wedding-prep related! From your Save-The-Date and invites to your wedding website, guestbook, and keepsakes—the possibilities are endless!

5. You Get The Chance To Reconnect

If you choose a location for your engagement session at a place that holds sentimental significance for the two of you, it will put you at ease. Being back in a familiar environment will give you a chance to reconnect with the memories of the place and remind each other of where you started and what’s yet to come. Perhaps you’ll choose where you first met, went on your first date, got engaged, or somewhere that you both enjoy spending time. Whatever place you choose, the photos will always help you to remember how much it means to you, help you look back in years to come, and add meaning to your photos.

6. Gives You A Chance To Trial Your Hair & Makeup

What better way to see how your wedding day look will turn out in photos than having your MUAH artist gussy you up for an engagement session. This has the dual effect of allowing you to decide if you are comfortable with the look you’ve chosen and adding a much more polished look to your engagement photos.

7. An Engagement is a Milestone Worth Celebrating! 

The proposal and the engagement period are significant milestones in your relationship and should be celebrated as so without being overshadowed by the wedding itself. An engagement session will help freeze these very special moments in your lives and mark the significance of the lifelong journey you are about to take together.

Whatever you decide to do, have some fun with it and enjoy the process! Working with your wedding photographer before your big day lets you get to know each other, work through your jitters, check some tasks off your wedding To Do list, and celebrate your love in a way that’s unique and special to you. It really is worth it!

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