Akilah + Sanjay : New Orleans, Louisiana

“Find someone and live in awe of them.” – Atticus

The couples we get to work alongside are simply, the coolest. Akilah and Sanjay definitely are a couple of cool cats. We had been highly anticipating their big day, as they had planned to have so much work go into making it so special, and because they were not only bringing together two amazing families, but two incredible cultures. I was able to talk with Akilah a week prior to their wedding, and she told me about all of these beautiful details that would make their day so special, but to be honest, seeing it all in person and being present made it all take on a whole new meaning.

Akilah and Sanjay decided to have 2 weddings in one day, as a representation of each other’s cultural background, and when I heard this was happening, my assistant Elizabeth and I got super pumped about it. When their wedding day came around the corner though, we had no idea what sort o treat we were in for.

We woke up early on the big day and met Akilah and her girls for 8am as they were getting ready for the Hindu ceremony taking place just a few hours later. Not only did everyone look absolutely flawless, but everyone was so kind and happy to be there for these two. After a little time passed, it was time to head down to the street for the Baraat. To be totally honest, I had never witnessed anything like this before. And didn’t know what to expect either. It exceeded all expectations. It was such an amazing experience watching the groom mount on a horse and trek down Canal Street in New Orleans with family and friends dancing to music and paving the way to the ceremony.┬áThe ceremony was nothing short of beautiful, filled with so much detail and love for Akilah and Sanjay. After spending a few minutes after the ceremony taking portraits with just the two of them before they hurried off to lunch, it was time for a little midday break before it was time to ceremony number 2.

Later that afternoon and after resting a bit, it was time for the second and final wedding of the day, and we were pumped for it. We went back to meet up with Akilah and Sanjay as they got ready separately, and hung out with them before the ceremony time came. While we were with Akilah getting ready, her mom walked in with the best surprise ever: her father. He was unable to make it to the first wedding earlier that day, but made it to walk her down the aisle that evening. What an incredible surprise. There wasn’t a dry eye in that room when he walked in.

The ceremony that evening was nothing short of beautiful, filled with elegant and stunning details and floral arrangements. As Akilah and her father walked down the aisle, everyone shed tears of joy, making the moment truly unforgettable. It was a lovely ceremony, as they were surrounded by friends and family who love Akilah and Sanjay dearly. It was nothing short of beautiful. After the ceremony and spending time taking some family formals, everyone partied into the night without a care. The reception was loads of fun, and it was all wrapped up with a second line, with Akilah and Sanjay leading the way.

What a beautiful day. Thank you so much Akilah and Sanjay for having myself and Elizabeth there to capture such a perfect day. You two are amazing human beings, and we truly hope we can hang again soon!

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