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Michelle and Ian Lafayette Engagement Session

Jun 17, 2020

“Home is next to you.”

Getting to visit with one of our couples was so refreshing after being cooped up at home the last couple of months due to COVID-19 state mandates, and meeting Michelle and Ian on their family’s property out near New Iberia was a breath of fresh air we knew we needed. These two were incredibly kind and generous, as you could see it when they’d talk to each other and about each other. The sun was shining bright and hung low in the late afternoon and the clouds rolled by on this warm early summer day, and it was so peaceful. We love when our couples choose locations that have meaning to them personally, because the stories run deeper.

We wandered around the family property admiring the family built barn and home on the backside of the property. Michelle pointed out where the property line actually ended in the back and it was acres back. At the very end of the property line sat symmetrically planted rows of tall pine which was a stunning view off in the distance, so we hopped in the car and drove through the fields to get a good look up close. It was stunning so we walked around the area and documented Michelle and Ian walking through the wildflowers that grew. It was magic back there, all you could hear was the wind blowing through the pine needles high above our heads, and just for a moment, everything else just faded away. We got to watch the sun set on this beautiful piece of earth and before we left, Michelle’s parents handed us multiple bags of homegrown produce to take home with us. Their hospitality was definitely noteworthy.

Getting to know Michelle and Ian and seeing what was so important to them was the reminder we needed. The reminder that home can take on many meanings. It can be a place, a person or a state of mind. But it’s a sanctuary for when everything else around us is chaos. When the world is uncertain.

Home is where peace lives. Home is what certainty is. Home is where love resides.

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