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Destination New Orleans Wedding at Hotel Peter and Paul

Dec 18, 2023

Destination New Orleans Wedding at Hotel Peter and Paul: Mary Alice and Zak

New Orleans, a city that breathes stories and romance, the destination wedding of Mary Alice and Zak at Hotel Peter and Paul stood as a testament to their love story.

From our initial meeting, Mary Alice and Zak’s energy was unmistakable. They envisioned a celebration where the vibrant spirit of New Orleans would merge with their own dynamic personalities, creating an unforgettable experience on the dance floor, enveloped in love and joy.

Their decor choices for their destination New Orleans wedding at Hotel Peter and Paul were deeply personal, echoing the warmth and growth of their relationship. Earthy tones and an abundance of greenery mirrored their shared love and life. This connection to their personal journey brought an intimate touch to the vibe of Hotel Peter and Paul, a venue that was more than a location – it was a part of their story.

The venue, Hotel Peter and Paul in New Orleans, has history and striking architecture, mirroring their own journey, a perfect setting where past and present intertwined. Its cathedral hall was not just a space, but a living, breathing chapter in their story.

Music, an integral part of their wedding, was brought to life by Mojeaux. They chose this band to speak volumes of their love for lively, heart-stirring music, a passion that was evident throughout the evening. A memorable highlight was Zak’s performance with the band.

The culinary aspect of their wedding was a journey of flavors. Bacchanal’s buffet stations offered an array of choices, each reflecting Mary Alice and Zak’s unique tastes. Their specialty cocktails, a French 75 and an Old Fashioned, were more than just drinks; they were a nod to their individual personalities.

Capturing the day’s natural moments for Mac and Zak’s destination wedding at Hotel Peter and Paul in New Orleans was a memorable one. Each photograph we took was a piece of their narrative – capturing the depth of their vows, the uninhibited joy on the dance floor, and the countless, fleeting moments that together wove the tapestry of their wedding day.

Mac and Zak’s destination wedding at Hotel Peter and Paul was more than an event; it was a celebration of their unique love story, set against the backdrop of one of New Orleans’ most iconic venues.

Destination New Orleans Wedding at Hotel Peter and Paul Mac and Zak by Erin and Geoffrey Photography

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