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New Orleans Wedding at Marigny Opera House

Mar 15, 2016

Marigny Opera House New Orleans

“In the morning when I wake
And the sun is coming through,
Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness,
And you fill my head with you.” -Paper Kites

It is difficult to put into words how moving this wedding was. New Orleans can make you feel things, and the people who reside┬áthere make you feel like you are home. And then, there’s Emily and Matt… Two of the most infectiously positive, moving and joyful people we’ve crossed paths with. Two human beings who compliment each other in so many ways, and make you want to be a better person. Two people so crazy and happy in love, you tear up at the sight of it.

Matt, an engineer, and Emily, an art curator with a history of decor and design at Anthropologie in New Orleans, La, we knew this wedding would have unique flairs with lots of romantic touches. When we arrived, we were blown away. So, so blown away.

Emily and Matt’s home is so influenced by art and culture, it makes us giddy inside every┬átime we walk through their door. We were greeted by their boston terrier, Janet, and headed upstairs where we found Emily and all of her beautiful accessories. While getting dressed, Matt was directly across the street hanging out with friends, sharing jokes and drinks. Matt showed us his suit which he had custom made right in the French Quarter, where he picked out the fabric, lining and stitching. Matt, great job. Major props to you for doing something totally different and awesome. After finishing all the final touches and sharing a toast, everyone headed a few blocks down to the Marigny Opera House, where we were all blown away, once again.

Before the ceremony, Matt and Emily wanted to share a first look right outside the Marigny Opera House, which we highly recommend to any and every couple. The private, stress-free moment you share together is like no other, your reactions are real and emotion is visible. Emily and Matt’s first look was so incredibly sweet and filled with loads of laughter. You could see the excitement overflowing from these guys because within just a few minutes, they would be married. Pure and perfect giddiness.

The ceremony was nothing short of romantic. Matt and Emily had an unplugged ceremony and we could high five them for it. Not only does it show deep respect for what we do, but it allows guests to truly be a part of the ceremony. Win, win. The warm evening light poured through the back of the ceremony at the Marigny Opera House as Emily walked in and we are positive everyone’s jaw hit the floor as she and her father shared what might have been the happiest father-daughter walk down the aisle. Emily and Matt felt the wedding would not be truly them if their dog, Janet wasn’t involved, so they gave her the most important job a pup could ever dream of: walking (or in Janet’s case, running) the rings down the aisle, even being decked out with her very own floral wreath/collar. After the ceremony, it was on to the night’s festivities, where a cocktail hour awaited guests as the inside of the Marigny Opera House was transformed into a beautiful banquet reception. In between these moments, Matt and Emily shared one of their own, dancing slowly under the string lights before their official first dance was announced. Seriously, can you two get any sweeter?

The rest of the night was a total hit, with an authentic New Orleans jazz band playing on stage and guests ate and danced the night away. Emily and Matt, thank you for showing us how sweet love can really be. For reminding us that when you’re with the one you love most, nothing else matters. For speaking volumes to us in that love is a happy, deep, colorful mess that we all crave and admire when we spot it in the crowd. Keep shining on together, and don’t stop inspiring others, like you did to us.

Marigny Opera House New Orleans

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  1. Melanie Messina

    April 9th, 2016 at 4:07 AM

    Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on the feature!

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