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As a photo and video husband and wife team, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to bear witness to some of the most beautiful love stories. Each one is unique, each one is special, and each one leaves us with a feeling of joy and fulfillment. One of our adventures took us to the breathtaking landscape of […]

Indian Wedding in New Orleans One of the highlights in our work is when couples decide to also bring on board our sister company, Genuine Collective Films. This allows for a harmonious fusion of photography and videography, ensuring many moments of the big day are beautifully captured. This was the case with Anagha and Ash’s […]

Every wedding has its defining moments, and for Gabi and Mike, their day at Abacus in Lafayette, LA, was a beautiful tapestry of such moments woven together. The modern lines and sleek design of Abacus played a perfect host, especially the upper room, where one of the most memorable scenes of the day unfolded. We […]

Wedding planning is a wonderful journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and a fair share of stress. And when it comes to seeking inspiration, many brides-to-be turn to Pinterest. As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen the beauty and creativity that Pinterest inspires, but also the unrealistic expectations it often creates. So, let’s unpack four common myths […]

Should I do an engagement Session? Many of our couples wonder should I do an engagement Session. We are here to hopefully answer that question and list out the benefits of doing one. Engagement is a unique, whirlwind period in a couple’s life – full of excitement, anticipation, and the promise of a shared future. […]


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