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Portland, Oregon

Mar 11, 2015

Wherever the wind blows us.

That’s been a big part of our mindset as photographers. We love to travel. We love seeing new sights, smelling new scents, experiencing new cultures. We’ve been DYING to visit the PNW and early this year we had the awesome experience of visiting and exploring this beautiful area (oh and getting to attend Mystic Seminars, which if you’re a photographer and haven’t been, it’s worth taking a look at!). We had the chance to catch up with longtime and dear friends of ours while we were there, and spent an entire day exploring the coastal town of Cannon Beach where the most adorable beach houses reside on the cliffsides, beach restaurants and coffee shops lined the small low-traffic highway that runs through the middle of this quaint town and all you could hear was the Pacific Ocean making waves along the shore. Once we arrived in this adorable town, we drove through a nearby rainforest where stunning views of the coast and water awaited us. It was incredible. Normally at the time of year we visited, the sun rarely makes an appearance, but the day we went, the sun shone through the trees and we all began shedding our coats to bask in the sunlight as we walked along the shoreline. We got to see Haystack Rock in all it’s glory and were blown away at it’s size and grandeur. While casing photos on the internet of this place, we were definitely excited but in person, was a different element. After grabbing lunch at a local beach shack, we grabbed coffee (a must in the PNW) and headed to our friend’s favorite spot: Shortsand Beach just 30 min down the road. This place was incredible. A local surf spot, we parked along the highway and hiked through the woods along this quaint trail to the beach, but along the way you heard nothing. It was peaceful. Everything was covered in rich greens and the sunlight streamed through the trees making for an incredible backdrop. Once we reach the shoreline, our jaws dropped. Geoffrey has seen the Pacific coast before, but this was my first time. I just stopped. Took it all in. We began walking down to the shore alongside massive fallen and washed up evergreens and spent the rest of the evening there, sipping on good coffee and watching the sun set on the Pacific. Day made.

Throughout our week there, we attended Mystic Seminars but we had one extra day there, so we planned on making the most of it. We rented a car and drove along the scenic route of the Columbia River Gorge where our jaws hit the floor. Everything along the gorge was green and mountainous and you had great views of both Oregon and Washington just on the other side. We stopped at Latourell Falls recommended by friends and I’m so happy we did. It was so beautiful. As we approached the falls, I noticed a small path leading behind the falls and I knew I had to hike it. Were only here one extra day so why not make the most of it? So I hiked along the trail trying not to slip and fall and made it behind the massive waterfall, getting completely soaked in the process. Mind you it was about 35 degrees that day so getting soaked from the falls wasn’t pleasant but it was worth it. I’m so thankful Geoffrey took some shots of my mini adventure so I could share it with everyone. After getting into the car trying to turn my now frozen and blue hands and wet hair back to a normal color and dried, we headed over to Multnomah Falls and took in the views there as well. There’s something about listening to water come rushing down a 200 foot drop that makes you feel so small and insignificant. If you haven’t gone, go. You won’t regret it. After grabbing lunch across the Gorge in Washington, we headed back to our hotel and prepared for Mystic Seminars.

Mystic was amazing. We had the chance to meet some of our favorite photographers and become inspired to do what we do best and do what we love to do. We learned a lot about ourselves and have already made changes in our line of work, but it’s all for the better. “Do what you love” was preached all day, every day at this 3 day seminar and it was just what we needed. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the madness and excitement of your job and you can easily forget why you started doing this in the first place. Listening to those we looked up to in the industry tell their stories about how they began, what drove them, what they failings were along with what they accomplished… it only made them more relatable. Those who haven’t gone, go. It is worth every minute of it. And Portland itself was… interesting. It’s totally is another world there, but we’re thrilled to go back next month for more fun.

Our favorite quotes at Mystic:

“We are the niche.¬†Every song we have listened to, every movie we have seen, the tragedy’s and triumphs we have experienced… This is what is unique about each of us. That is your niche.” – Dan O’Day

“Sometimes, we do get it wrong, but that’s okay. That’s the only way to figure out how to get it right.” – Gabe McClintock

We are thrilled to be back home doing what we love, using what we’ve heard, seen, felt, and been moved by to keep doing what we love. That is what makes this job the best job ever.


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