Newborn Lifestyle Session Lafayette Louisiana :: Beckham Conrad

Newborn Lifestyle Session Lafayette Louisiana


“For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.” – Andrew McMahon

There comes a time in everyone’s lives where we go through defining moments, ones that reveal to us who we are and what we’re truly capable of. These beautiful moments we experience make us grow, make us stronger, make us love deeper. For some, this all comes to light through the start of parenthood.

Our sweet dear friends Haley and Conner announced over the summer last year that they were expecting a little one come the beginning of 2018, and nearly all of their friends and family lost their minds in excitement. With each passing month that came and went, everyone grew more excited in anticipation of this sweet infant, eagerly ready to meet the baby. On February 4th of this year, Super Bowl Sunday, Haley went to the hospital to deliver the baby, and after hours and hours of labor, she delivered him the following day. Beckham Conrad came into this world, and immediately took over everyone’s heart by storm. It’s always amazed me how much parents fall deeply in love with a newborn human. Though they can’t talk just yet, need tender loving care and are literally seconds old, their parents fall head over heels. The relationship between parent and child is one I will always admire, and watching Haley and Conner’s world grow just a little bigger in just a day was by far one of the most inspiring things to witness.

Once they left the hospital, we arranged to take his family photos a few day later, once they had settled in a bit with him. It was the most precious session I’ve had the privilege of documenting, although I might be biased, and Haley and Conner are knocking this parenting thing out of the park. Beckham was so calm and relaxed, which just seems to be part of his sweet personality, and simply put, he’s the cutest. Haley’s sweet disposition and how she speaks softly and reassuringly to Beckham makes him coo and the way Conner looks at his son in such a loving and protective way is a testament to their ability to be the best parents Beckham could’ve ever dreamed of having.

Congratulations Haley and Conner on your sweet baby boy. We are all eager to watch him grow into an even more adorable toddler, a charming young child, an adventurous teenager and in years to come, a great man. You have a lifetime of adventure ahead of you with your beautiful son, and we know you’ll enjoy every second of it.

Newborn Lifestyle Session Lafayette Louisiana Newborn Lifestyle Session Lafayette Louisiana


Newborn Lifestyle Session Lafayette Louisiana

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