Hope and Rock

“Live for the moments you can’t put into words…”

We have a lot of love for these two. We’re constantly inspired by the people who surround us, and these two just may have raised the bar. Hope reached out to us a couple of months back to schedule an incredible adventure session, and after searching for a location that is rarely photographed at, we found a little gem in the heart of the open country in South Louisiana and set our hearts on that. It did not disappoint.

Hope and Rock have a chemistry I have not seen before, and it is undeniable how madly in love the two are with each other. The entire session, they were glued together, made each other laugh constantly, and  bragged about the other throughout our time together. What a couple. Hope has such a graceful way about herself, yet not a care in the world. And Rock was so excited for the session and to explore the area, the two together made for some pretty amazing photos and a time no one will soon forget. They brought their pups along and played in the warm breeze together and we wrapped the entire thing with a glass of champagne.

Guys, you two are the stuff. Hands down. Don’t ever lose sight of the most important thing: each other.

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