HER : Haley

“Positivity is a choice.”

We meet a lot of different people in our lives. People who talk about their triumphs, and a lot who talk about their trials. Let’s be honest for a minute… We are all dealing with things, great or small. I meet few people who talk about life with a happy ring to it, but those who do speak with optimism in their voice… those people shine so brightly in a world filled with troublesome things.

I have known Haley for some time now, and I have always truly loved her inner voice. No matter the situation or conversation, well spoken words and upbeat thoughts flow from her in such a graceful way that makes you want to do the same. They say if you’re around someone long enough, you begin to manifest their qualities too. I hope others along with myself can strive to be as positive as Haley is on a daily basis.

I have always believed you either choose to be happy, or you don’t. No matter the circumstance, it is a choice. Truly, it is. No one makes you do or feel one or the other. It can be so incredibly easy to look at a situation and immediately think the worst, and because we are imperfect, we do just that. I am guilty of it myself. But wouldn’t life just be so much more pleasant and less gloomy if we looked at it differently? If we turned lemons into lemonade? If we chose to be happy? I think it most certainly would. Life is made up of wonderful opportunities, great achievements, and occasionally difficult times. But that is life, and if you ask me, I plan on living it like Haley, with positivity always at the fore.

No matter what size storm we have coming our way, big or small, face it head on. Don’t be afraid of the rain, run in it. You’ll be much happier if you do. Thank you Haley for being such an incredible example of being optimistic in such a pessimistic world. Keep on keeping on…

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  1. AndB

    June 9th, 2016 at 6:01 am

    Really a beautiful work, love the pics!

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