Hannah and Michael | Moab, Utah : Arches National Park

“Wander often. Wonder always.”
 Moab, Utah. A place none of us had been but a place we eagerly awaited to see. We had big plans to shoot in Arches National Park, but how we found our “shooting spot” is sort of a funny story…
 We woke up early one morning in Moab, Utah, around 4am, and piled into the car and headed over to Arches National Park, where we would spend over an hour trekking down the wrong trail. But don’t worry, it was definitely a happy mistake. We had big plans to see Double Arch, an immense natural arch that blows you away, but we instead went to Double O Arch, a simple mistake. But a great one. As we began walking down the trail at dawn before the sun was out, we began wondering if this was the right place. We shrugged it off and just kept wandering. Always a good move. You never find hidden gems without first searching and getting lost. We walked almost a mile down the trail and decided to just stop and take it in. The sun was just coming up over the horizon, warming up the already red toned rocks around us, giving us the impression that we were on a different planet. We climbed boulders, hiked to the top of giant rocks and watched the sun shine on the park. As we made our way back, we can across countless rabbits hopping alongside the trail, deer and birds flying overhead. After shooting for a while on this beautiful trail, we decided to go and look for Double Arch, which ended up being just down the road. We’re glad we did. I don’t think we’ve seen a more jaw dropping place. We’re all for greenery, but this place… There’s just nothing like it on earth.
If you know Hannah, you know her smile and joy are infectious. Michael made her laugh the entire time, making for sweet moments. One of our favorite things was definitely Hannah’s dress. She chose something that moved, had volume and most importantly matched the scenery well. We can’t thank these two enough for putting so much thought into the session and most importantly, waking up so early to get the most perfect shots in the most perfect place. Now that’s dedication…

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  1. Drake & Eliza

    July 21st, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    mind bottling good!
    love the scene setting shots
    yes we still stalk your blog : )
    keep shake’n & bake’n

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