Downtown Lafayette Louisiana Photo Session: LeeAnn and Nick

“Quit hiding your magic. The world is ready for you.” -Danielle Doby

A few weeks back I had posted on Instagram that I was searching high and low for a couple to hang with for a session, but one that was carefree, open to new things, and totally in love. LeeAnn reached out to me immediately and I was so happy she did. We had never met previously but man was this a really fun day. We planned nothing, except where we’d meet up initially and off we went to galavant around Lafayette’s awesome downtown area. We even had Elizabeth with Genuine Collective Films tag along and grab some sweet footage that we are so freakin excited to show everyone very soon. 😉

Nick and LeeAnn truly have something special and it was no surprise how comfortable they were being so expressive with each other. They fueled each other, making one another laugh, smile and enjoy every moment of the evening. I don’t think we’ve laughed so hard during a session like this but it was perfect in every way. We walked all over the downtown area, watching the sun slowly fall behind the buildings, while grabbing a drink at the Wurst Beirgarten and watched an interesting fellow perform magic tricks for us. haha (you just had to be there) It was seriously the best evening we could’ve asked for. Thank you so much LeeAnn and Nick for getting weird with us, making us laugh and showing the world what you’re made of. You two have something so dang special. Don’t ever lose hold of it.

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