Danika + Aldo :: Red Rocks in Woodland Park, Colorado

“Find someone and live in awe of them.” – Atticus

Do you ever have these moments in life where doing something so last minute, so spontaneous feels like it’s just the right thing to do? Danika and Aldo’s session was so crazy spontaneous but it was so crazy fun. The night before their session, we were looking through our list of places we really wanted to see while we were in Colorado and there lied a hidden gem of the massive Red Rocks in Woodland Park, which just so happened to be on our way back to Colorado Springs, Colorado. We knew Aldo and Danika lived in the area, so we sent them a quick message to see if they’d be down for a last minute adventure, and they were totally on board.

We are so happy they were.

This places is really something else. Hidden walkways, patches covered in snow and small cave-like areas were literally all over this place. If you are ever passing through this area, you need to check this place out. Danika and Aldo climbed up to the very top of this massive formation with us following right behind them, and the view from the top was gorgeous. You could see mountains for miles. Truly an experience, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to share it with. Here’s to always being up for an adventure. Life is unplanned. Keep it that way.

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